Here we have an overview map of the Davidonville interactive re-creation.

Overview Map


Structures List

Arkansas Courthouse

The courthouse at Davidsonville was in use by 1822. It stood in the center of the public square at the center of town.

Jacob Garrett’s Tavern

This feature contained a wealth of artifacts, animal bones and personal items, so many, in fact, that it is clear that more people than just a single family lived in this building.

The “Post Office”

Lot 9 at Davidsonville has long been identified as “the first post office in Arkansas.”

The cotton gin

Cotton has long been an important commodity in Arkansas.

The Blacksmith Shop

The blacksmith would have been an important member of the community.

The river/ferry

All of the public buildings and businesses in Davidsonville appear to have been on either side of one street leading to and from the river’s edge.

The Jail

The Davidsonville jail is first mentioned in the act passed by the General Assembly of Missouri Territory creating Lawrence County on January 15, 1815.