What is the project all about?

Almost no trace of the town of Davidsonville remains on the surface of the ground today. Davidsonville, Arkansas was once a flourishing community founded on the banks of the Black River in 1815. The town lasted for about 15 years until 1830 when the county seat was moved to Jackson. Today, archeologists have uncovered remarkable evidence of streets, foundations, and thousands of objects that tell a fascinating story of Davidsonville, its residents, and life on the early Arkansas frontier. Researchers at CAST have combined this information into a highly detailed, 3D reconstruction that depicts what Davidsonville could have looked like in the summer of 1824. Download the free Unity viewer and explore the streets of historic Davidsonville!


Imerse yourself in a 3D recreation of Davidsonville with Unity.

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Browse through a sample of the artifacts found at the site.

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Learn about the structures of Davidsonville and discover more about how they were uncovered.

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