Lead Sprue

This image illustrates six lead sprue found in Lot 35. Sprue is the opening through which molten lead is poured into a bullet mold. It is also the waste product left in the opening after casting lead bullets from a bullet mold. The sprue is cut from the bullet after sufficient cooling, and either reused or discarded. The Davidsonville cut sprue diameters vary in size indicating that different bullet molds were used.


Tools/Equipment, Ammo

AAS Catalog Number

2005-602-3-12, 2005-602-41-3-5, 2005-602-4-3-6, 2005-602-51-3-30, 2005-602-28-3-7, 2004-666-63-3-3

General Provenience

Lot 35 Tavern Cellar

Position In Image

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