Dice and marble

Three dice were found below the tavern in Lot 35. Die A is included in the Davidsonville 3D reconstruction. Two different materials were used to make the gaming pieces. From left to right in the photograph, the materials are fired clay or carved brick and deer antler or bone. At the far right is a clay marble.Both dice and marbles were widely used in the American colonies, and are still used today. The British dice game Hazards was a tavern favorite, and undoubtedly was played in Jacob Garrett's tavern. The more complicated Hazards evolved into the game of Craps in the southern states. Early nineteenth century clay marbles were made by hand, so they weren't perfectly round or consistent in size.


Personal, Recreational

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-666-46-16-1, B. 2004-666-32-16-2, C. 2005-602-18-16-1, D. 2004-666-32-16-1

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Lot 35