This photograph illustrates table knives and folding knife fragments found at each of three residences at Davidsonville. Artifacts labeled A through F are all iron table knives. Artifact A is a nearly complete example with bone handle plates attached with brass pins and is included in the Davidsonville 3D reconstruction. It measures just over 10 inches in length. The handle is decorated on both sides with cross-hatching in a diamond pattern. The other fragments are also table knives that are heavily corroded from being buried in acidic Ozark soils. The final two fragments are from folded blade knives that would have had a wide variety of uses.


Foodways, Service, Cutlery

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-666-32-3-28,B. 2004-570-18-3-10, C. 2007-481-42-3-17, D. 2005-602-53-3-11, E. 2008-649-42-3-1, F. 2004-666-3-3-2, G. 2008-649-49-3-5, H. 2004-666-3-3-12

General Provenience

Lots 9, 19, 21, 35