Forks were not commonly used in England until the eighteenth century. Forks were used by colonists until the American Revolution. This photograph shows two complete forks and fragments of four others.Forks A and B are shown in the Davidsonville 3D recreations. Three of the forks have bone handles decorated with a cross-hatched pattern. All have two tines. It is not known why the two complete forks from Davidsonville were apparently discarded. They were found in the trash pit/cellar beneath the Lot 35 tavern.


Foodways, Service, Cutlery

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-666-46-3-6, B. 2004-666-32-3-29, C. 2004-666-32-3-30, D. 2007-481-43-3-1, E. 2004-666-32-3-31, F. 2004-666-46-3-2

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Lot 35