Iron, pewter, and pewter alloy spoon fragments

A variety of spoons and spoon fragments have been found at Davidsonville. Of particular note is the pewter alloy spoon stem Item E. It has an impressed mark on the back that reads: " WT & Co. " The mark stands for William Tutin, who was a Birmingham, England pewterer from 1720-1795. He was the inventor of an alloy that is called Tutania. His firm used the alloy in commercial production of housewares (Silver Collection 2009).


Foodways, Service

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-666-32-3-27, B. 2008-649-49-3-4, C. 2004-666-32-3-17, D. 2004-666-46-3-10, E. 2007-481-8-3-1, F. 2008-649-49-3-3, G. 2007-481-105-3-2, H. 2004-666-49-3-5

General Provenience

Lot 35 Tavern Cellar, Lot 9 Foundation (A and B), Lot 35 Tavern Cellar (C, D, and H), Lot 9 (F and G), Lot 44 (E)

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