Mouth Harps

Mazrim (2007:237-238) reports that, the name for jews harps is said to have come from a corruption of an old Dutch term referring to a 'child's trumpet'. A Jew's (or jaw) harp consisted of a rounded triangular frame of iron or brass, in which was a flexible steel reed. The frame was held against the lips, and the reed was plucked over the mouth, which served as a resonator, like the body of a guitar.", This image shows two fragments of iron jews harps (at left) and two brass. All four are missing the reed.


Personal, Recreational, Jews-harp

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-570-18-3-3, B. 2004-666-46-3-15, C. 2004-666-40-3-1, D. 2004-666-46-3-16

General Provenience

Lot 35 Tavern Cellar

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