Jewelry items

Images A-D are the center medallions from several pendants of varying sizes that were tear drop-shaped. They are made from thin sheets of cuprous metal that would have had silver plating or gilt and a layer of pewter or similar type of white metal attached to one side. They would have been surrounded by stones or perhaps pearls. Item E is a bezel cup for a glass or stone jewelry setting. Item F is a cuprous metal brooch fragment. Images G-I are wire coils. Item G is the silver bob earring after cleaning. Images K and L show an eye and chain, and jump ring, respectively. Item M is a gold gilt white metal ring with decorated sides. The decoration resembles an eagle with spread wings.


Personal, Decorative

AAS Catalog Number

A. 2004-666-35-3-1, B. 2004-666-32-3-16, C. 2004-666-23-3-25, D. 2005-602-6-3-12, E. 2005-602-37-3-20, F. 2005-602-18-3-6, G. 2005-602-6-3-16, H. 2004-666-46-3-18, I. 2004-666-32-3-24, J. 2005-602-16-1-4, K. 2005-602-51-3-18, L. 2005-602-21-3-17, M. 2004-666-7-3-15

General Provenience

A-L. Lot 35 Tavern Cellar, M. Lot 9 structure