Hand-painted saucers

Hand-painted pearlware saucer with yellow and brown floral sprigs. (Upper Center) Pearlware saucer with multi-colored hand-painted floral sprigs and band around the lip. These wares were made in England and exported to America. (Right) This partially reconstructed saucer is decorated with a delicate, continuous pattern of orange and brown flowers around its rim. A fragment of a saucer rim of this same pattern was found in a small pit cellar at Sangomo Town, eight miles upriver from Springfield, Illinois. The town was occupied between 1823 and 1850 (Mazrim 2007:247, Figure 14.6). (Lower Center) Part of a hand-painted saucer revealing a stylized floral pattern applied around the edge. (Left)


Foodways, Service

AAS Catalog Number

2004-666-96, 2004-666-89, 2004-666-100, 2004-666-101

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Lot 35 Tavern Cellar