Glass medicine vial, Bordeaux style wine bottle, Redware storage pot, Chestnut 16-rib pocket flask, Redware bottle, Quart beer-style bottle

Light green glass apothecary vial, missing only a portion of the flanged lip. This artifact is hand blown without use of a mold and retains pontil marks on its base. A cork stopper would have been used to close the vial. A light green cylindrical wine bottle found in Feature 1. This bottle style, with string rim, sloping shoulders, and a circular pontil scar is indicative of the French method of bottle making. This large pot is a type of coarse earthenware that was low-fired, usually made of red clay and finished with a coating of clear lead glaze. Redware vessels began to be made in America with the arrival of the first European settlers. It was the most common type of crockery in the mid-South. This vessel would have been used to store foods such as lard, butter, honey, fruits, vegetables, or meats. This light aqua-colored flask was formed in a patterned dip mold, and then hand blown to shape. The ribbed pattern radiates out from the neck, ending at a ring or ridge concentric with the pontil mark. This flask was probably made in Ohio around 1815. It was carried by a gentleman, either in his coat pocket or a saddlebag. The bottom of this redware vessel has broken off. It is not known what would have been stored in this tiny bottle. This is a very attractive redware bottle with lead glaze. It has a squat ovoid form. It is decorated with linear and serpentine incising. It stands a bit less than 5 inches tall. Although it appears to be black, this quart beer-style bottle is actually very dark green. This type of bottle was made during the first quarter of the nineteenth century. In addition to beer, these containers also held cider and vinegar.


Foodways, Storage

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2004-666-32-2-4, 2004-666-145, 2004-666-102, 2004-666-46, 2004-666-54, 2004-666-103, 2004-666-151

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Lot 35 Tavern Cellar

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Foreground, Behind medicine bottle, Left rear, Front, center, Right front, Right center, At right rear